Thursday, November 23, 2006

Giving Thanks

I have recently started a Gratitude Journal. Every night before bed, I write down what it is that I am most grateful for that day. I think it's really easy to take all that we have for granted, so I felt it was important to remind myself each day. I hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday today with your loved ones, enjoying good food and good memories. In the spirit of the holidays, I decided I am going to post a list of the silly things I'm thankful for, as we all know the really important things. So this is just for fun. What are some of your favorite things?

These are a few of my favorite things:
the crackle of a real fire in the fireplace, the smell of cookies baking, my sweatshirt blanket, flannel pjs, red gummy bears, when my bird presses his wing to his cage for a pet, dinner and movie with the whole family, hearing my friends' ringtones on my phone, e-cards, an overloaded bookshelf, louis legs on furniture, shimmery eyeshadow, kit kats, old photographs, cheesy American song/photo compilations that make me cry, really cold diet coke, Christmas music by the "greats", southern charm, crisp white wine, high thread count sheets, board games, chicken burritos, pink nailpolish, high heels, opening stockings last on Christmas, the fact that Disney World is still magical to me, shiny lipgloss, lunch breaks, making others smile, tv shows on dvd, fun movies where no thinking is required..only enjoying, seeing the bright side of anything, girls nights out, lists, cool pens, funky earrings, and most of all... knowing that I have a fabulous life full of fabulous people and appreciating that everyday. :)


rachd said...

I kept a Gratitude Journal for about a year and then, loser that I am, I got lazy. The reason I blog my journal is because you guys keep me honest. I blog because I don't want to let down all the folks who read the blog.

I've even toyed with the idea of adding a "top five things I'm grateful for today" section to my posts.

I love all the things you are grateful for, Allie and I hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving =).

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Allie! I think your Gratitude Journal is a fantastic idea. I may start one too!

I love all the things you are thankful for. I always include that I am thankful that I can read. It is a skill that allows me to educate and entertain myself as well as communicate with others- thank goodness I know how to read!

There are a lot of things on your list that I am thankful for too! ;-)