Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Random Silly Thought

So this is a really silly topic but one that I bet a few of you (ahem Jess and Rach) may relate to. I've noticed on many an occasion that the women in all of our girly books have TERRIBLE fashion sense! I don't know if any of you watch Sex and the City but this reminds me of when Berger (I think it was Berger) put his main character in a scrunchie (Carrie: "a SCRUNCHIE?!?!). What is up with this? I am reading a Rachel Gibson book right now in which her leading "hot stuff" lady was wearing a navy blue turtleneck, navy blue blazer, black jeans, and black ankle boots!!!!!! Come on! How is any part of that outfit okay, much less as an ensamble? This offender was just the one that pushed me over the edge, I have read many a book with a banana clip, or other dorky mismatched outfits. Why you may ask do I care what the leading lady in my current read is wearing? Well I really shouldn't. But I like to relate to my character, I like to get lost in the book and feel like the character could be me. And just as I'm easing into the story, I'm halted abruptly by some heinous crime of fashion. I'm not trying to make this seem any less silly than it is, but it is a recurring instance. Has anyone else thought this or am I a lone nit-picker on this one? :)

By the way, I saw Marie Antoinette and really liked it, what did everyone else think? It reminded me a little of my favorite movie "Elizabeth". And I saw Poseidon tonight on dvd. Hated it. I have my reasons but it would ruin the movie to tell them. Not that there's much to ruin. Any contrary thoughts?


rachd said...

I'm with you on the jarring fashion sense, Allie =). Nothing drags me out of a story faster than an ill dressed character or one that speaks in a way that is out of character.

As for movies, can't help ya there. I haven't seen anything new since I saw "Nanny McPhee" right after Lily was born. No, wait, I saw "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" this summer. Don't have kids, it ruins your social life...:oP

Jess said...

I actually got into it in an online forum with Nora Roberts for her insistence on putting her young 20ish heroines in "slacks". Ugrh. Nothing like middle age fashion on young characters.