Saturday, November 04, 2006

What?? Could it be a....POST??

Okay I haven't posted in a month, I'm a slacker. I don't have tons of readers though so I'm sure it's no big deal. Anyway, not much is new. Just school and work, school and work. I'm sure some of you heard about the shooting that happened earlier in October outside of Safeway in Sterling. The guy that was killed was my friend from high school, Chris. It was so sad to read that news. He was such a great guy and I know he's in a better place but I feel just awful for his family. Things like that make you really appreciate the all the good things about life. Speaking of a great life, I had the most fabulous girl's night though last night with Jessy in Old Town Alexandria. After work, we ran to her house, got changed and hopped on the metro to King Street. Not knowing about the free "Dash" bus that takes you down to near the waterfront, we hiked the probably mile and a half in the COLD down to Ramsay House and went on the Graveyard Ghost Tour. Soooo much fun!! We were frozen and numb by this point so we were fine with the one hour outdoor walking tour. I highly recommend going on it. My goal is to be one of the tour guides so if I do, be sure to come on my tour! We then walked to Pat Troy's, a charming Irish Pub with live Irish music every night! Jess- you know I was thinking about the Gallaghers! We sat up in "President Reagan's Corner" which any who know me understands just how fabulous that was to find. We ate the best chicken pot pie ever and drank a big glass of Harp's. We clapped and sang along with the Irish songs and took our pictures which I'll post as soon as Jessy emails them to me. What a blast it was! We jumped on the Dash bus and got on the Metro back to Jessy's house. Well it wasn't that smooth going, we did pick the wrong line in our excitement to catch a warm train right away, but we quickly amended the situation and were on our way! We then got into some comfy pj's watched 2 episodes of King of Queens and finally when I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, I crawled into the freezing guest room and got all cozy under the best down comforter ever. At least it was last night. Thanks for having the best guest room bed Jessy! So that about sums it up. I will try to post more loyally. I know Graham, you lose readership if you don't post!! Hope everyone is well and lovin life! -A


rachd said...

Sounds like you had a fantastically fun evening! =)

Is there anything better than a snuggly bed in a cold room?? I'm glad you had such a fantabulous time =).

Jess said...

I want to go to that pub! Didn't we go somewhere like that with Ron that time? Remember when we went in to D.C. for some history project a few years ago?

Glad you had a good evening!