Sunday, December 16, 2007

A very Merry Christmas for me!

After a long week away working a conference, my sweet man picked me up from the airport on Saturday. He even surprised me by coming to baggage claim (knowing that it was 64 lbs!) instead of me meeting him outside. We had plans to go to Nagoya, our favorite restaurant to celebrate my grandma, dad and Justin's birthdays, all in December. I was SO tired but was looking forward to seeing my family. We met my parents, sister, grandma, and his parents there and had a fabulous feast. After birthday wishes all around, Justin went around the room and thanked each person individually for what they meant in his life and that they were there to celebrate his birthday. He ended with my dad and said all these nice things about him, ending with "and I can't wait til I can officially call you Dad, which I hope will be soon because..." and he turned to me and got on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring and asked if I'd marry him! It was so sweet and he was so nervous. It was so perfect having all of our family there for the event. I'll keep everyone posted on dates, we're thinking October 11th (that's my parent's anniversary) if we can get it together in time. Ring pics below! I'll post more when I have Lindsay take them with her good camera! Love to you all!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Celebrity Morph!

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