Sunday, February 08, 2009

Finally not sick!

I am soooo happy because I finally feel better! Man, why is it when you're a kid you can play right through a cold and when you're an adult it knocks you out for days? I still am congested and have my man/"phone operator" voice but I'm most definitely on the mend. Which is perfect timing because I leave for Kansas on Thursday, Yay!!

I actually was pretty productive today. I returned stuff to the library, went grocery shopping, vacuumed, went to my parents for dinner and a movie, then came home and cleaned the kitchen, made lunch for tomorrow and packed for Kansas. Now that I listed all that out I'm thinking that that list sounds a little more impressive than my day actually was. I did do all of those things but what I left out was that I woke up late, watched 2 episodes of law and order svu, and a lifetime movie in between all of those other things. The blogosphere just makes everyone's life look so glamorous doesn't it? Well my last week was anything BUT glamorous. Ask the pile of tissues in my trash can and the mountain of clean clothes begging to be put away.

I do have my outfit picked out for tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday, so I'm looking forward to the snooze button. :) I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I will be sure to take lots of pictures in Kansas of the munchkins!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

What's Goin On

I am sick. Yuck. I have a nasty cold I can't shake that's had me out of work for the past two days and probably tomorrow too. I hate missing work! I feel so guilty! I don't know why, I am using my time alotted and I don't feel guilty when I take vacation, but I feel awful when I take off because I'm sick. I wonder why.

Anyway, nothing extraordinary has been going on. I'm super excited for my trip to Kansas next week! It will be so good to see Jess and family. The kiddos are getting so big!

I've been a city girl this month. First I went downtown to take Lindsay to Legally Blonde the Musical which was her Christmas present. Really cute! Then I was there for a Caps game (go Caps!) we won. And then we were downtown for the Dancing with the Stars tour. My mom bought tickets for my grandma's birthday for me, Lin, Mama and Nana to go to the show (Daddy was very excited that he dodged that bullet!). I decided to drive down because they've turned Gallery Place into a really nice shopping area complete with garage so parking wouldn't be a problem which is really the only reason to not drive into the district. We had a lovely dinner at La Tasca which is a tapas restaurant and shared a bunch of great dishes including Manchego cheese with tomatoes, sauteed shrimp, spicy potatoes, flank steak with peppers, and fried eggplant. It was very lovely and we shared some Spanish wines too. It was so fun to have all of us there just girl talkin and sharing stories. As we were driving down Constitution, Nana was pointing out the office buildings where she worked when she was 16 and went to work for a lawyer at the Department of the Interior and shared a bunch of stories as a wild young thing, dating and dancing during WWII. I treasure all of those stories. The show was great! We got to see a lot of our favorite dancers and stars and they were so impressive! There was an especially touching moment that I have to share, mostly for Rach and Jess. During the show I kept thinking, Hannah would love this show, it's so her! Then for the final number all of the dancers came out, each couple in their own matching sparkling colored outfit making a rainbow of shimmers out on the floor and danced to "Dancing Queen". It was just perfect. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry and I probably did a little of both but it was just a lovely number and proved my earlier thoughts entirely.

So that was the highlight of my month. I hope everyone is happy and healthy!