Thursday, November 23, 2006

Giving Thanks

I have recently started a Gratitude Journal. Every night before bed, I write down what it is that I am most grateful for that day. I think it's really easy to take all that we have for granted, so I felt it was important to remind myself each day. I hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday today with your loved ones, enjoying good food and good memories. In the spirit of the holidays, I decided I am going to post a list of the silly things I'm thankful for, as we all know the really important things. So this is just for fun. What are some of your favorite things?

These are a few of my favorite things:
the crackle of a real fire in the fireplace, the smell of cookies baking, my sweatshirt blanket, flannel pjs, red gummy bears, when my bird presses his wing to his cage for a pet, dinner and movie with the whole family, hearing my friends' ringtones on my phone, e-cards, an overloaded bookshelf, louis legs on furniture, shimmery eyeshadow, kit kats, old photographs, cheesy American song/photo compilations that make me cry, really cold diet coke, Christmas music by the "greats", southern charm, crisp white wine, high thread count sheets, board games, chicken burritos, pink nailpolish, high heels, opening stockings last on Christmas, the fact that Disney World is still magical to me, shiny lipgloss, lunch breaks, making others smile, tv shows on dvd, fun movies where no thinking is required..only enjoying, seeing the bright side of anything, girls nights out, lists, cool pens, funky earrings, and most of all... knowing that I have a fabulous life full of fabulous people and appreciating that everyday. :)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Right and Wrong

I try to make it a conscious point to always do the right thing. I know that I have very strict rules that I live by but thinking about them got me wondering... How do we know what the "right" thing is? What do you think is the difference between right and wrong? And is there a clear right and wrong for everything? I know that when you get nit-picky, some things are right for some people and wrong for others but I'm talking about the very basic code of morals and ethics. If there's a line, what is it, and where does it start to branch out?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Well I really hope everyone voted! I was at the polls at 6am sharp to cast my vote! Here is a copy of a myspace bulletin I sent out this morning around 7:

Don't forget it's election day which means everyone should be hitting the polls! It doesn't matter which way you vote, only that you do. I know a lot of people will say "I don't have time to vote", or "I don't feel like going to vote". Instead, I ask you to think of it this way: Would you ever say "I don't have time to be an American today" or "I don't feel like appreciating everyone who has died to protect my rights"? If you're abstaining for a legitimate reason, than ignore this post, but please don't let laziness or lack of interest keep you from taking 30 minutes out of your day once a year to do your duty as a citizen of the best country in the world. I know that last part was biased, but so am I. But seriously, GO VOTE!!

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”-- John Quincy Adams

The fun thing is that one of my friends copied my bulletin and reposted it so all his friends would read it too! So hopefully everyone got out there. If I got my butt out of bed at 5:45 after staying up late to study and then went to class all day then everyone else should have too. We all know I love my sleep! So SHAME on anyone who was just lazy and had no good reason not to go.

On a lighter note:
I thought I'd share a fun election related tidbit. Ever wonder how the political parties got their symbols? Well thanks to Wikipedia now you will know!

"The mascot symbol, historically, is the elephant. A political cartoon by Thomas Nast, published in Harper's Weekly on 7 November 1874, is considered the first important use of the symbol. (1874 Nast cartoon depicted GOP as an elephant demolishing the flimsy planks of the Democrats)" *cartoon is on Wikipedia if anyone is interested in seeing it.

"The jackass was born in the intense mudslinging that occurred during the presidential race of 1828 as a play on the name of Andrew Jackson, the Democratic candidate. Jackson had been called "Andrew Jackass," and the defiant Jackson adopted the nickname."

He really was a jackass, he's by far my least favorite President, mostly because of the Trail of Tears. But that's another blog.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Random Silly Thought

So this is a really silly topic but one that I bet a few of you (ahem Jess and Rach) may relate to. I've noticed on many an occasion that the women in all of our girly books have TERRIBLE fashion sense! I don't know if any of you watch Sex and the City but this reminds me of when Berger (I think it was Berger) put his main character in a scrunchie (Carrie: "a SCRUNCHIE?!?!). What is up with this? I am reading a Rachel Gibson book right now in which her leading "hot stuff" lady was wearing a navy blue turtleneck, navy blue blazer, black jeans, and black ankle boots!!!!!! Come on! How is any part of that outfit okay, much less as an ensamble? This offender was just the one that pushed me over the edge, I have read many a book with a banana clip, or other dorky mismatched outfits. Why you may ask do I care what the leading lady in my current read is wearing? Well I really shouldn't. But I like to relate to my character, I like to get lost in the book and feel like the character could be me. And just as I'm easing into the story, I'm halted abruptly by some heinous crime of fashion. I'm not trying to make this seem any less silly than it is, but it is a recurring instance. Has anyone else thought this or am I a lone nit-picker on this one? :)

By the way, I saw Marie Antoinette and really liked it, what did everyone else think? It reminded me a little of my favorite movie "Elizabeth". And I saw Poseidon tonight on dvd. Hated it. I have my reasons but it would ruin the movie to tell them. Not that there's much to ruin. Any contrary thoughts?

What?? Could it be a....POST??

Okay I haven't posted in a month, I'm a slacker. I don't have tons of readers though so I'm sure it's no big deal. Anyway, not much is new. Just school and work, school and work. I'm sure some of you heard about the shooting that happened earlier in October outside of Safeway in Sterling. The guy that was killed was my friend from high school, Chris. It was so sad to read that news. He was such a great guy and I know he's in a better place but I feel just awful for his family. Things like that make you really appreciate the all the good things about life. Speaking of a great life, I had the most fabulous girl's night though last night with Jessy in Old Town Alexandria. After work, we ran to her house, got changed and hopped on the metro to King Street. Not knowing about the free "Dash" bus that takes you down to near the waterfront, we hiked the probably mile and a half in the COLD down to Ramsay House and went on the Graveyard Ghost Tour. Soooo much fun!! We were frozen and numb by this point so we were fine with the one hour outdoor walking tour. I highly recommend going on it. My goal is to be one of the tour guides so if I do, be sure to come on my tour! We then walked to Pat Troy's, a charming Irish Pub with live Irish music every night! Jess- you know I was thinking about the Gallaghers! We sat up in "President Reagan's Corner" which any who know me understands just how fabulous that was to find. We ate the best chicken pot pie ever and drank a big glass of Harp's. We clapped and sang along with the Irish songs and took our pictures which I'll post as soon as Jessy emails them to me. What a blast it was! We jumped on the Dash bus and got on the Metro back to Jessy's house. Well it wasn't that smooth going, we did pick the wrong line in our excitement to catch a warm train right away, but we quickly amended the situation and were on our way! We then got into some comfy pj's watched 2 episodes of King of Queens and finally when I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, I crawled into the freezing guest room and got all cozy under the best down comforter ever. At least it was last night. Thanks for having the best guest room bed Jessy! So that about sums it up. I will try to post more loyally. I know Graham, you lose readership if you don't post!! Hope everyone is well and lovin life! -A