Friday, August 14, 2009

A week in the life

So for no really good reason at all I decided to do a mini chronicle of a random week of my life, this week to be exact. I may be the only weirdo that loves to know what other people do as the boring day to day activities so this may not be of any interest to anyone but it's a post which is a vast step in the right direction, right? So anyway, for those interested, here's what my week looked/looks like:

Work 8-4
Dinner at Donni’s and Sally’s Beauty Supply
Stop by the fire station with brownies as a bribe to get my brakes checked
Brakes are good, home to watch True Blood and go to sleep

Work 8-4
Supposed to go to Zumba but AC is broken, wait for repair man which only took 5 minutes, woo hoo!
Made really good Buffalo Chicken Dip for dinner and watched True Blood (this is becoming an addiction)

Work 8-4
Gym 5-6
Supposed to hang with a boy but said boy got stuck at work late.
No worries, I had already assumed this was the case and made plans for Girls Night with Lin (sis). We feast on a very Gilmore Girls dinner consisting of leftover spaghetti, buffalo dip and red wine and watch the new 90210 fresh out on dvd.

Work 9-5:30 (ahh so refreshing to sleep in)
Coastal Flats for dinner with a fine group of ladies and off to see Julie and Julia
Home around 10 but had to stay up to watch more True Blood.

Work 8-4
*this point on is future situations so they may not go exactly as planned*
Hair appointment with Donni at 4:30 going dark and short, peace out typical summer do!
Convince Donni that dinner and drinks are in order and perhaps some last minute shopping for Brie’s 16th birthday
Possibly meet up with the fireboys for more drinks and fun also possibly with Donni

Sleep in! (a little)
Call Nana to go shopping for a bridal shower gift and the rest of Brie’s present
Swing by Farmers Market
Get dressed in my Hawaiian best and head to Laura’s bridal shower picnic
Get dressed in my “try not to look like a loser in front of a hundred teenagers” best and head to Brie Brie’s sweet 16
Probably go to bed early, the party doesn’t end until 11 and I’m sure there will be clean up. Maybe see a boy, we’ll see. ;)

Yoga at 9
Make pasta salad for bachelorette vineyard picnic
Head to vineyard
Pretend to do some form of housework
Go to the parents house for Mama’s pioneer attempt at fried chicken
Definitely watch more True Blood

Hope everyone has a great weekend!