Friday, October 10, 2008


I really didn't feel like cooking (who feels like cooking on Friday?) and I didn't want to go out or order in so I ended up with a random dinner. I had a veggie burger without a bun, feta stuffed olives, an apple (ginger gold, Jess!) and pinot grigio. It was pretty good actually.

I'm currently charging my third replacement phone. I haven't bought a new one (I'm still on my thrifty refuse to buy things kick), I've just been finding our old phones and putting my sim card in them. LG should have my phone by Tuesday so we'll see if they can fix it. I'd rather put a little money into fixing an existing phone than to buy a whole new one. The LG was my first attempt at a replacement, then I tried my mom's old motorola. That phone was broken too. I didn't know that was the case until I went to the AT&T store to get a new sim card and realized that it wasn't the sim card and that both actual phones were indeed broken. SO, back to square one, well not really because I've got plans in the works. So I rounded up Lindsay's old Nokia phone and that's charging right now. Third times the charm right? I decided if this phone works and they can't fix my LG, I'm just going to keep the Nokia. I have a computer for email and a camera for a camera so I just need a phone to call.

This weekend is going to be full. I have to get packin tomorrow and I'm going to check out the apartment. Then Sunday is the pumpkin patch with Jess T and Rach and families!!! I'm so excited to catch up!!! The whole weekend is supposed to be beautiful so I'm sure it will turn out to be just wonderful. I get to start moving on Monday but won't move all the heavy stuff until next Saturday. Either way, apartment pics are on the way! Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


I have been a long time allergy sufferer. Basically, my nose is stuffy about 85% of the time. My friend Jessy told me about the neti pot to clear my nose. If you don't know what that is (it was on Oprah apparently so I think you might) it's a teapot looking thing that you fill with salt water and pour up your nose and it clears everything out. Gross I know, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Instead of buying a neti pot, I used a paper cup (so you can bend it into a spout) and regular salt in tepid water (1/4 tsp. per 8oz.). I tilted sideways over the sink and low and behold, a miracle!! My nose is completely clear and dried up!! I don't know how that worked so well or how I survived before I found this!! People do swear by it who use it and I'm a new believer. I'll be adding this to my daily routine and hopefully I'll stay clear. Sorry if I'm over sharing with the nose stuff but most of you have kids so I'm sure you've dealt with grosser. :)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Grrr Phone!

I'm currently annoyed right now because my phone decided to randomly not work. Said phone is also 1 month out of warranty which means to replace it, I have to pay retail for a new one. My only hope is my old phone that has a broken speaker (I know, I'm cursed). I sent that one in to LG to hopefully be fixed for less money than a new phone would cost. We'll see. I really don't care about what kind of phone I have. I don't use fancy features but I do want to be able to call and receive calls. Picky picky right?