Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Goodbyes Stink :(

My good friend Jess is moving to Kansas on Saturday and I spent the afternoon with her today for the last time! I think I've taken for granted all of our times together as it has always been so easy to hang out. We met 7 years ago on our first day of college when I had just graduated and she had just gotten married. We've been through so many big times together including the birth of my favorite munchkin Ella. I'm gonna really miss them! Hopefully I'll be out to visit in the fall so I can see the new place! I'll also be blogging more regularly so that we can keep each other easily informed of our lives. So check back for frequent postings! Good Luck Jess, Bob and Ella!

Me giving Ella an airplane ride!


rachd said...

Look at Beau! Gee her hair looks light in that picture.

And here I thought you'd given up blogging, Allie :oP.

Jess said...

I had such a great time the other day! I can't wait for you to come visit me this Fall. :-)