Monday, May 14, 2007


Okay, I am not a Survivor fan, I don't follow the seasons despite my sad love of reality tv. BUT, I happened to catch one episode in which Yau Man won a truck and upon winning, gave his prize to Dreamz, who did not own a car of his own. He did this on the condition that if they were both in the final four and Dreamz had immunity, he would give his immunity to Yau Man. Dreamz accepted and said he "swears to God" that he would keep his word, as if his word meant anything at all. He went on in a private interview saying that he would want his son to be a person who keeps his word so he would of course keep his own. So as you might have assumed, this exact event took place and Dreamz, being the scum that he is, did not give his immunity to Yau Man. This to me crosses a whole new line of strategical play. Can you really "survive" with no regards to your integrity? A person's integrity is one thing that you can never get back. Everyone makes good and bad choices but when you sell yourself out, on national tv no less, you show zero regard for yourself and certainly no regard for others. I wonder how Dreamz can sleep at night knowing that he has lost his most basic instrument of humanity. So congratulations Dreamz, on your truck, I hope you and your empty soul enjoy it.

The traitor himself.


rachd said...

See, and this is why I avoid reality tv. Crap like this seems to happen and I once again begin to lose faith in humanity. The excuse is of course (not that I've ever even seen an episode, but I can guess), "It's how you have to play the game." No, you play with honor. Karma. Karma will come to bite this dude in the butt. Wait and see. People like that eventually get their's.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

SO sorry about the Allie mix-up!!!!

And I couldn't agree with you more about this Survivor contestant! AH!