Sunday, February 03, 2008

De-Cluttering/ Limited Consumption

I've said it before and it seems I'm saying it again. I'm sick of stuff!! Why oh why do I feel it necessary to bring in more and more stuff into my house? I have a lovely little home but you couldn't tell it from looking at my kitchen, bathroom or bedroom (my family room is the one saving grace, it stays pretty beautiful). I am seriously going to turn a new leaf. I don't need all of my things. I don't even overtly feel that my happiness is at all related to things, nor do I even value them that much. So here goes. I'm going to be ruthless and go through my closet and dressers and give tons of clothing to people who actually would benefit from my stuff. On the same note, I am not going to go crazy as the season changes and new beautiful colored items hit the racks. And I'll save gas by not even driving to the mall which is probably the only way that I'll be able to avoid such purchases! I am also not going to purchase any new products (house, toiletries etc.) until what I have has been used. I've already gotten better about this with hair products (when I worked at the salon it was ridiculous!). One other good step I've made is I've been buying less groceries and getting creative to use what's already in my pantry. This is a great space saver! Also, I HATE to waste so I've only been buying produce and fresh ingredients that I KNOW I'll use before they spoil.

On a different note, is anyone else really ready for spring? I was walking through the produce department tonight (buying limited things) and found myself longing for the farmers market. Oh how I cannot wait for some sweet cherries and a ripe tomato and mozzarella salad with fresh basil. I am so excited to pick out flowers and herbs to grow on my modest little patio since I managed to not kill anything last summer! I'm also on the lookout for a cute patio set so I'll be combing the yard sales once they get going.

Another nod to less consumption and a happy thing for me is that I got a new car!! It's a small Hyundai Accent, not a glamorous, high class name but I could not care less. It's brand new, runs like a dream, has really great trunk space and the best part is: I've cut my gas consumption in HALF! This means I'm saving way more money a month all while being a little nicer to the environment. Can't beat that!

Another unrelated note: I bought my dress!!!! My mom and I went looking today and the second one I tried on was simply beautiful. I initially chose it for a try on because I wanted to get an idea of all different styles and I knew my mom loved the style of the skirt. It was a little "poufier" than I thought I wanted but when I walked out, I not only felt like a bride but I felt like I was supposed to be that bride. And it made me look the skinniest :). The best part? No alterations needed! I did have to special order it to get it in ivory and to nix the train (I hate trains) but that was all for no extra cost. I'm psyched! More wedding details to come as I get them!


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Yay for getting your dress! :) Wow, and the new car. That sounds like an awesome set up!

I hear you. I want to simplify so much. I moved here with 3 suitcases, and now I have a van full at least. Crazy how fast I can accumulate!

I am so ready for spring, and it sure felt like it today out there...

Jess said...

I can't wait to see your dress! And bravo on the rest of the post- I am dying for the farmer's market too. In fact I am growing all our veggies for the yard this summer from heirloom seeds and you might be roped into helping me get some of it started while you are visiting! :-)

Kelly said...

Hi, Allie!

Congrats on simplifying in so many ways. It sure does feel good to rid ourselves of the unnecessary and pass on items to those who can use them. Ron will tell you that I despise clutter of any kind. Right now our place is so small, he has no choice but to suck it up and put things in their place. (Which I love!) I can't wait to own a place with rooms (verses the loft we live in now) and have MULTIPLE uncluttered rooms. I'm one of those few people who must even have a spotless garage. This is a little embarrassing to admit, but I once caught the head janitor at our school unlocking my classroom to show new staff members what a colorful, decorated, but clutter-less and clean classroom looks like. She was trying to inspire, I guess, while showing them a room where our wonderful custodial staff could move around enough to really clean in the afternoons. (And that was with 41 student desks squished inside.) I was a little embarrassed but totally flattered at the same time!
(I also never told her that I myself stood on the desks once a week to clean on top of the light fixtures. I also dusted inside of the windowsills and sanitized all of the surfaces. You know, stuff that janitors don't possibly have enough time to do in each room. I really am a little sicko.)

I'm so excited for you about the dress. I bet it's absolutely beautiful. Isn't it a pleasant surprise how dresses we never thought would be "the one" end up being perfect?! Enjoy this exciting time!


P.S. Happy wheeling in your new ride! Drive it in good health!

Jess T said...

I definitely cannot wait for spring!

Yay on the dress and even better that it doesn't need alterations. We spent a ton on mine.

I hate clutter too, but cannot seem to get rid of it either.

Yay on the new car also! :)