Thursday, January 24, 2008


Okay I suck at blogging, it's a fact. I am a way better blog reader than writer, I'm coming to grips with that.

Well I am well into the wedding plans! I can't wait to see all the details come together! This Sunday my mom, Donni and I are going to the Bridal Showcase. I think it will be ridiculously overwhelming, fairly educational and a lot of fun. I'll let you know what I find!

We've booked our location. We will be wed at Rust Manor House in Leesburg. It's beautiful and exactly what I wanted in a wedding location. It's a historical house, but is also part of the Audobon Society so due to nature regulations, it's not overly manicured. So lovely.

The world is all babies these days! Congrats Jess T on your new little man! I cannot wait to meet him! Congrats are also in order for Steph, whose crew is increasing from 3 to 4 (cause you aren't nearly busy enough right?)

The next big order of business is the impending arrival of Baby Boy G, Jess's baby. I left my guess on her page for the arrival stats and I went for February 4th at 9:27 pm and that he will weigh 7 lb 1 oz and be 20.5 inches long. We'll see how close I am! I think I'm almost exact as to the number of days "early" Ella came. Speaking of the crazy lady, she is going to make the most beautiful flower girl who has ever lived. I'm not just saying that, she really is. I am so excited to be visiting Jess and the fam on the 21st! I'm coming in as reinforcement as well as to catch up with my dear friend. Also, after speaking with Ella on the phone the other day, I think I'm going to get to read "No Hitting", it came highly recommended on her reading list. :) I will definitely report when I get back on all of my Ella adventures!

Until then it's just keeping up with the everyday things! Work, home and wedding. Hope everyone is doing well and having a wonderful new year so far!


Jess said...

Keep me posted on the wedding details- I can't wait to see what you choose.

We are so looking forward to seeing you! I know Ella is going to feel special thinking that a friend has come so far to see her and NOT the baby (that is what we are telling her, lol).

allie said...

I am so excited too! And no worries, though I know I will fall in love just as much with Gabriel when I meet him, my heart belongs to my little Miss Ella Beau :)

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Hi Allie! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes, life in VA continues to be very interesting, and especially for a girl that came over from the (younger) west coast and knew little about US History, sadly...but I am learning visually so that is great!

Yay for your wedding plans! One of my dear friends here is a wedding photographer, if you are looking for one. Stephen's site is and he is very reasonable.

Keep us posted! It is your blog, so it is up to YOU when you write and such - don't feel bad! Just enjoy the writing process. It is like an online scrapbook of sorts for me, personally :)

Happy Monday!

Jess T said...

Thank you! :) I bet your wedding will be awesome! :)

rachd said...

Woo hoo! How fun! Email me (get it from Jess if you can) and I'll be in touch about really cool places down here. There are SO many to choose from. In fact, B and I got married and then came to our apartment and "honeymooned" from here. :o)

If you can't get my email from jess, let me know.