Thursday, August 16, 2007


Thanks Ruhiyyih!

You Should Travel to Thailand
You may enjoy getting spiritual at a Buddhist retreat...Or just feasting on a ton of cheap and amazing Thai food.


Jess said...

I want to go there too- just don't want to face the 24 hour flight in coach seating!

Jess said...

BTW, I can't find your email address so I am just going to ask you here. My friend Jamie is flying to DC with her husband in the next month or so and bringing their 4 month old daughter. They need a sitter so she can attend an awards dinner with him but they dont' want to leave her with a total stranger. I told them about you and they are interested to talk with you to see if you could maybe stay with their daughter (I raved about you, lol!).

Anyway, email me for more info, please!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Allie, Thailand is wonderful! I spent a month there while on break from teaching English in Beijing. You should totally go if given the opportunity. The north is green, hilly, great people and mostly Buddhist, the south has the beaches and the huts and is mostly Muslim. Very beautful place, lots of culture, and most understand English there too :)