Tuesday, November 18, 2008


In what I believe was a clever attempt to get me to blog, Jess has tagged me for a 7 weird things about me post so here goes:

1. I LOVE hydrogen peroxide. If I find someone with an open wound who will let me pour peroxide on them, I get very excited, it's just so fun!

2. When I set my sleep timer on my television at night, I can't fall asleep unless I set it for 45 minutes. Even if I know I want to watch for an hour or 5 minutes, if i don't set it for 45 I toss and turn until I set it for 45, and I don't have OCD so it really is random.

3. I'm obsessed with all things organizing (Real Simple magazine and website, Container Store, hgtv shows) but I am so not organized. I pretend to be, but I'm always a work in progress. My dream is to be as cool as the Barefoot Contessa.

4. The only foreign language I speak is German, but it's also one of the only accents that I can't do (unless I'm speaking it).

5. At one point or another, I have had every color in the rainbow in my hair except green.

6. My favorite song in Kindergarten was "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and my parents called me Allie P. Keaton.

7. Currently in my purse (among other things) are: a copy of Pride and Predjudice, my NRA range card, and a pink cell phone. Apparently this is an odd combination, someone asked me if I was Oprah, Toby Keith, or Paris Hilton, I don't think I should have to choose :)


Lindsay K said...

You may be able to change #5 to include green, as I vaguely recall a bleach-blonde + chlorine combo in the past ;)

allie said...

Haha, nice, NOW my sister decides to read my blog. Although I think Jess would agree with you!

Jess said...

I think Lindsay may be right... :-)

I would love to be organized too, my children seem to be actively working towards sabotaging this goal.

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

I love your list! I am the same way about organizing. I hear ya... fun stuff here! :)