Monday, July 30, 2007

You take the good, you take the bad

So today was my first day at work. Let me start by saying everything/one is fine. Everything did not start out great though. I settled in pretty early with my clothes all picked out and my to do list made for the morning. I went to sleep only to be woken up at 1:30 by the phone ringing. I saw on the caller id that it was our friend Moira, who happens to be on a business trip with my mom in New Orleans right now. My first thought: "Oh my god, s**t". It turns out that somehow, while at dinner with their colleagues, my mom lost her footing and fell, breaking her ankle severely. She has a compound fracture of 3 bones all of which made their way to the outside of her leg, severing a main vein in the process. She was sent into emergency surgery at 2 am to repair the tissue and fix the bones as much as possible. They couldn't set the bones much because of the risk of infection from the surgery. So needless to say, I spent the whole night getting zero sleep just physically sick to my stomach. I felt so terrible for her being in a strange city with none of her family there to help her. Thank God for Moira, she was there by her side all night long. My family is so grateful for her. So anyway, she made it out of surgery fine, my dad flew in this morning to take care of her and they'll be headed home first class tomorrow. She'll have to see an orthopedic surgeon when she gets home and I'm praying she won't need more surgery. I'm hoping that she'll be able to heal relatively pain free (thanks meds!) and have no further troubles walking etc. I just can't wait to give her a hug after work tomorrow.

Speaking of work, I managed to get through the day by attaching my cell phone to myself. My boss is awesome and told me to do whatever I needed to do, be it talk on the phone all day or go home. I ended up having a good first day. I learned a lot and was able to help some of our clients work out their registrations. Everyone I work with is great and I'm looking forward to learning more. I'll update more when I learn more! Until then, I'll just be thinkin about my Mama and doin the best job I can!


Jess T said...

Oh no! It definitely sucks to be away from home when you are sick or hurt. I hope your mom heals quickly.

Glad your first day went well! :) Only another thirty years or so until retirement. :)

rachd said...

Oh, Allie! You poor mom, and poor you at home having to worry without being close by. Man!

But, I'm glad your boss is so understanding and that your first day was so successful! That is terrific news!! :o)

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

I am sorry about your Mama, Allie! I am glad that you had such an understanding boss - that must have really helped. Hang in there during the stress of that first week...Friday will be here before you know it!

rachd said...

Allie, how's your mama, sweetie?

Jess said...

Your poor mom! Please tell her I am thinking about her and her hurt ankle. I hope she heals quickly.

As for you new job, it sounds really great! I'm glad your first day went well despite lack of sleep and anxiety about your mother. Keep me posted.

About travel dates, things are a bit up in the air now. My in laws want to come for a week with Ron and Kelly when they finish their hike and that will be the end of Sept./early Oct. I will call you soon so we can figure out a good time for your visit. I can't wait!

Jess said...

Allie, one more thing. Do you remember that magazine article we were given in one of our history classes in college about the night and sleeping patterns of people before artificial light was invented? I have been reading No Impact Man and he mentioned something about this and I would like to read that article again (my mom and I have been talking about it and she would like to read it too) but my copy is long gone. I know it is a very looooong shot but I wonder if you still have yours? I will email Porter for a copy but I feel a little weird sending an email about a copy of a mag article and I am hoping you can help me out!